I don’t know if I spelled that right;

Hey People(s).

I haven’t made a post in a while now, so now I am. I just had my spring break, and I went to Florida. I didn’t take any pictures there, but I did on the plane.

Pictures on the plane:


As I told you, I didn’t take any pictures in Florida, but I did go to Frenchy’s on Clearwater Beach, and if you liked the movie, they are filming dolphin tale 2, coming out on September 19th of this year, based on the events of hope the dolphin, another dolphin at the (real-life) Clearwater Aquarium. 

I also went to Legoland too. All the rides are fun, great place for a good price. 

Tell me what you did on spring break, email me, I hope you all have it, or just leave it in the comments.


Just to inform you…

In case you didn’t know, this is my blog. And it is 3 years old.

Yeah, and just to think, I’m older than Instagram!

But I do not have as much popularity

I will not give you my age, and my description is out of date, but I am not old enough for a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr

So this is my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr

Pointless post…


I went on google and looked up “Bullfighting”. As I was scrolling down, I found something very peculier. See if you can spot it:

Bullfighting : Humane Society International


Every year, approximately 250000 bulls are killed in bullfights. The animals are
stabbed multiple times before suffering slow, agonizing deaths in front of an 

Bullfighting | Cruel Sports | Animals Used for Entertainment | The

Henry’s Very Intresting Story

One very faithful morning I was sitting on my couch playing with my phone. Then I though, how about I make a call! So I then called 1-800-CRAYOLA. That then, out of suprise, directed me straight to the crayola crayon phone number. I then had immediate thoughts all pointing to one cunclusion. If somebody picks up, I will be concidered prank call. This is what actually happened. ” Welcome to the Crayola Exerience! Our office is closed right now , but you can call back sometime between 9:00 and 4:00 eastern time. If this is a medical emergency, call your physition or local poison center now. If you are looking for online shopping, press 1 now.”

Ok, who wants to go online and buy crayons.
Guess what I pressed.
“Our Mueseum is closed right now, but leave a message for our color crew. BEEEP”
I kind of freakied out. I hung up. The end.